Petr Kocis

Acoustic guitar, vocals, beatbox, loop station

Plays guitar since age 14, plays drums and base guitar, loves Red Hot Chili Peppers. Has been making music for more than 10 years. Participated in 4 bands, recorded 2 albums.

Stepanka Moudra

Flute, vocals

Plays flute and piano since age 7, loves The Doors. Participated in 6 bands and an orchestra. Has been making music for more than 10 years.

Two music maniacs Petr and Stepanka founded the band Road Me in 2019 in Prague, Czechia. Both the members have been playing music together in another projects since 2015. They share love for such bands like Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Franz Ferdinand, The Doors, Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, Too Many Zooz, Billie Eilish or Frank Sinatra. They have passion for busking, which is a perfect connection of traveling and music. You might have seen them playing in many countries of Europe (Czechia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France) as well as South America (Colombia, Chile, Argentina). Their minds are environment friendly, so they decided to do the most of the busking tours by bike. This mind-set resulted in a 30-day tour through Switzerland and Italy only by bikes with all the music equipment, including guitar, mic stands and amplifier on the racks (it is possible!) in August 2019.

Their repertoire includes the acoustic cover versions of well known rock and pop songs as well as their own original songs. In summer 2019 the first album "Strings out of control" was released.